Changes effective 12/1/2018
Changes effective 12/1/2018

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Changes to Immediate Family Definition - Effective 12/1/18

At the October 2018 AKC Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved a change to the language in the Rules Applying to Dog Shows for the definition of “Immediate Family” which becomes effective on December 1, 2018.


As a result of that change, at the November Board meeting, the AKC Board of Directors approved the same definition of immediate family in the Obedience Regulations, Rally Regulations, Tracking Regulations and Regulations for Agility Trials and Agility Course Test (ACT) to be consistent, as all four sports reference the definition of “Immediate Family” based on what is written in the Rules Applying to Dog Shows. This change to these Regulations becomes effective December 1, 2018. 


Regulations for Agility Trials

Section 31. Judges’ Responsibilities. (Paragraph 7) No judge may judge a dog at a licensed or member club trial if he or she or any member of his or her family owns or co-owns the dog. The word “family” shall include a spouse, domestic partner, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law, and sons-in-law; adopted, half, and step members are also included in family, or a household member of the judge in question, but shall not extend to other blood or legal relationships.